The burger is one of the famous street snack in all homes around the world. The burger means veg patty along with lettuce, onion, tomato slices are arranged in between buns. Some more ingredients can be used such as tomato ketchup, mayonnaise sauce and cheese in the veg burger recipe for more taste. It is also known as cheese burger. It taste like cheesy and delicious.

This is the article about how to make veggie sprout tikki burger i.e veg burger recipe at home. Here patty or tikki is main part in the burger recipe. Patty can be various types such as sprout patty, vegetable patty or aloo patty. The burger made from aloo patty is the aloo patty burger. So we are going to make healthy and tasty patty for kids. As in title, patty is made from moth beans sprout and green mung sprout. Sprouts are rich in protein contents, vitamins, dietary fiber and minerals like iron, copper,calcium and manganese. Hence sprouts helps in reducing weight, lowers the cholesterol and improve digestive system. From all these medical benefits eating sprouts are much more healthier specially for growing kids. This veggie sprout tikki burger is healthy option for kids lunch box. Because it is homemade. Served it with homemade green chutney or pudina chutney.  So try at home.

Like veg burger recipe we have shared some more delicious recipes for kids such as mushroom manchurian recipe, sweetened broken wheat, paneer tikka recipe, cheese corn balls, instant oats idli recipe, oats upma and moong dal halwa. You can also try some street foods like crispy onion pakoda, pani puri and vegetarian sandwich. Don’t forget to make at home. Let us know how they turned out.

The detail step by step procedure of veg burger recipe i.e. veggie sprout tikki burger is given below. Read them carefully and make a delicious burger at home.

Preparation Time :- 40 minutes.

Cooking Time :- 30 minutes.

Servings 2.

Ingredients :-

1/4 cup green moong sprout.

1/4 cup moth sprout.

1/2 cup chickpeas (soaked overnight).

2 tablespoons roasted chickpea flour (besan).

1/2 teaspoon asafoetida.

2 teaspoons green chilli & garlic paste.

4-5 curry leaves.

Few mint leaves finely chopped.

Few coriander leaves finely chopped.

3 tablespoons tomato ketchup.

2 tablespoon mayonnaise sauce.

8-10 onion slices.

8-10 tomato slices.

2 lettuce leaves.

Oil for frying.

Salt to taste.

 Procedure :-

  1. Wash all sprouts together with water. Rinse out all excess water.
  2. Add these washed sprouts and soaked chickpeas in a grinder jar. Grind it coarsely. It should not be in a fine powder.
  3. After grinding, remove it in a bowl. Add green chilli & garlic paste, finely chopped coriander leaves, few finely chopped mint leaves, few curry leaves, salt to taste, asafoetida, 1 teaspoon oil and roasted chickpea flour. Mix all these ingredients together properly. Make a smooth dough.
  4. Now make a small round shape tikkies out of the dough. Fry them in hot oil. You can shallow fry these tikkies in pan as well. Remove these fried tikkies or patties on kitchen towel.
  5. Slice the burger bun in two equal halves. Spread tomato ketchup on one halves. Apply mayonnaise on the other halves.
  6. Place lettuce leaves, onion slices and tomato slices on one burger slice. Then place sprout patty on it. Place one cheese slice over patty. Cover it with another burger slice. Like that way make another burger. Now it is ready to serve.

Serving Method :-

Serve veggie sprout tikki burger as an evening snack. Serve it with tomato sauce or chutney.

Notes :-

  1. For making crisp burger slices, apply butter evenly on slice and toast buttered slice on hot pan till it becomes crisp.
  2. If you are diet conscious then avoid cheese slice or you can even use low fat cheese.