Salty Besan Sev Recipe.

Sev is a popular Indian snack recipe. It is deep fried crunchy noodles made from chickpea flour. That hickpean flour is seasoned with turmeric, carom seeds salt or red chili powder.

Salty besan sev recipe is a common and famous snack recipe. It is mostly used in Indian chaat. Many breakfast dishes like kanda poha, upma, cutlets and samosa are topped with such crispy besan sev. All goes yummy with it.

salty besan sev recipe
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The recipe of salty besan sev is simple but specially shared with you guys. Because everyone should know about this recipe and learn how to make at home. making sev is so much easy and takes less of your time. So you can make a big batch of salty besan sev within 10-15 minutes.

You can store sev in the air tight container for at least one month. Hence you can it use further in any recipes or can serve at tea time.

In India, sev is much popular during Diwali festival. So that this quick and tasty salty besan sev recipe is shared here. Make at your home and enjoy the festival.

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Lets start salty besan sev recipe.

Preparation Time:- 10 minutes.

Cooking Time:- 10 minutes.

Serving:- 2.

Ingredients For salty Besan Sev Recipe:-

1 cup chickpea flour(besan flour).

1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder.

2 teaspoons carom seeds.

1/4 teaspoon asafoetida.

2 cups oil.



  1. Sift the besan flour in a large mixing bowl. It will helps in breaking all the lumps.
  2. Now add turmeric powder and salt to taste in sifted flour.
  3. Crush the carom seeds in your palms and then add in the chickpea flour. Mix well.
  4. Heat 2 tablespoons oil in the kadai. Make sour oil should be hot enough.
  5. Once oil becomes hot, pour it into the flour mixture. Let it cool little bit. Then rub the flour with the help of your hands. By making this, flour becomes like bread crumbs.
  6. Then pour water and make a dough. Add the water little by little. The chickpea flour is quite sticky. So grease your hands with oil before kneading. The dough should be soft and smooth. If the dough is too sticky then add some more flour. If the dough is too hard then add few tablespoons of water and knead the dough again.
  7. Take a sev maker mould and grease it with oil form inside. Fit it with a sev making disc which have small holes.
  8. Keep the pan or kadai with 2 cups of oil on medium flame for frying. The oil should be hot before you fry the sev.
  9. Take a part of dough and roll into a log. Place it inside the sev maker. Close with a lid. Directly press sev maker inside the the hot to make sev. Move maker in circular motion. So sev distributed evenly into a big disc.
  10. Let it fry for few seconds. Then flip it over. Fry from another side. Deep fry the sev from both the sides till become crispy and cook from inside. Once done, remove from hot oil. Place in the tissue paper. So that it will absorb excess oil. You can use newspaper to absorb excess oil from besan sev.
  11. In the saimilar way, make sev from remaining dough. Now your salty besan sev is ready to serve.
Serving Method:-

Crush the sev little with hands and serve with any chaat or at tea time.

salty besan sev recipe
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  1. You can flavor sev with red chili powder, amchur powder or ginger and garlic.
  2. The chickpea flour must be fine enough to make smooth dough.