Red velvet cupcake recipe.

The delicious and attractive recipe in the dessert world. Look like a queen wearing red velvet color dress with a white crown on head.

Wow! no one can wait to bite such a beautiful and tasty cupcakes.

But why don’t you make these lovely red velvet cupcakes by your hands? Don’t worry. Here, we are writing this article for dessert lovers as well as for home chefs. Red velvet cupcake recipe is mentioned below with detail ingredients and simple procedure.

In red velvet cupcake recipe, cocoa powder and red food color are the two important ingredients in the recipe. Both gives a rich red velvet color to the cupcakes. Hence that’s why cupcake looks fantastic.

Along with the red velvet cupcake recipe, you can try some other baked desserts recipes like chocolate muffins recipe with chocolate chips and pumpkin muffins recipe.

For decorating such types of cupcakes and muffins use whipped cream frosting, butter cream frosting, sprinkles or chocolate shaves.

Drizzling some chocolate sauce or caramel sauce is the one more best option to decorate the cupcakes.

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Now let’s start making red velvet cupcake recipe.

red velvet cupcake recipe
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Notes :-

  1. Use high-quality red food color to get nice dark red color.
  2. If the mixture becomes too thick then pour 3-4 tablespoons of milk to loosen it. Make sour the cupcake batter should not have a runny consistency.
  3. The top of the cupcake springs back when gently touched and a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean only then your cupcakes are ready. If not then again transfer in the oven and bake for next few minutes.
  4. Allow the cupcakes cooled down completely before frosting and serving.