Delicious recipe of sooji halwa. Sooji means semolina. Rava is the name for semolina in the Marathi language. Halwa is one of the popular sweet in India. Sooji halwa is a sweet confection made with semolina, sugar and milk. For richness in color as well as in taste, we will use the nuts, saffron, cardamom and nutmeg.  The cooking procedure is also simple with less effort.

Halwa is mostly served as a dessert or sweet dish in a regular meal. You can even serve for morning breakfast. There are lots of varieties in halwa recipes. You can check here moong dal halwa recipe. Give it try at home. Offer to the god as naivedyam. Sooji means semolina.

Semolina is a healthy and mostly used ground wheat in all over the world. Mainly used in pasta, halwa, idli, dosa or upma. Read here instant spongy semolina idli  and onion semolina dosa recipe. You can serve idli and dosa with coconut chutney, green chutney or mint chutney.

Semolina is a great source for increasing energy. The second benefit is weight loss. It improves the health of bones, heart and kidney. It is a perfect balance food because of its low cholesterol contents. From all these points, semolina is most healthier food in your regular diet. So include in your diet plan.

In recipe of sooji halwa, roasting is the main part. Roast the semolina in a clarified butter till turns into light brown color before making halwa. Roasting with clarified butter gives the nice and pleasant aroma to the semolina halwa. The next important ingredient in sooji halwa recipe is milk. When we used the milk to cook the halwa, it gets the soft texture and yummy taste. Hence is it possible for you, then do not avoid ghee and milk.

Preparation Time :- 10 minutes.

Cooking Time :- 15 minutes.

Servings :- 2.

Ingredients For Recipe Of Sooji Halwa :-

1 cup fine semolina.

1/2 cup clarified butter (ghee).

1/2 cup sugar.

1 cup boiled milk.

1 cup hot water.

2 teaspoons cardamom powder.

Few raisins.

Few almonds.

Procedure :-
  1. Melt the clarified butter in heavy bottomed pan. Add semolina in melted ghee. Start roasting it. Roast till semolina get nice golden colour. Keep stirring continuously otherwise semolina will stick to the pan and get burned.
  2. Once semolina gets nice colour and aroma then add raisins and chopped almonds. Mix well.
  3. Pour hot milk and water in that roasted semolina. Make sure that milk and water should be hot enough.
  4. Give it a nice stir. Add sugar and cardamom powder. After that mix together. Cover the pan with a lid and simmer for 5-6 minutes. When sugar crystals get dissolve and semolina get cooked properly then switch off the flame.
Serving Method :-

Place hot sooji halwa in a serving dish. Garnish with chopped almonds and ghee on top.

Offer recipe of sooji halwa to Lord Ganesha during Ganesh Chaturthi. Use the modak mold to give a modak shape to sooji halwa.

You can even serve this delicious dish as a dessert or as a breakfast with a cup of tea.