Paneer Vada is an Indian dish for fasting made from chunks of paneer and mashed potatoes.Paneer is made from milk so it is very healthy.Paneer vada is also served as a starter or as a snack for kids with chutney or sauce.Basically, it is served with sweet yogurt, spices and chopped coriander, so it has a fantastic look.

Ingredients :-

100 gram paneer

2 potatoes (boiled)

1 teaspoon cumin seed- chilli paste

1 teaspoon groundnut powder

1 teaspoon sugar

1 teaspoon lemon juice

1/2 chestnut flour




Procedure :-

1.     Mix grated paneer and potatoes together in a bowl.

2.     Add cumin seed-chilli paste, sugar, salt, groundnut powder and lemon juice into it.Mix it well.

3.     Now make the small balls of above dough and keep it aside.

4.     Add salt, 1 teaspoon oil and some water in chestnut flour and make a thin paste .

5.     Then dip the balls into the chestnut paste and deep fry in oil.(You can fry in ghee also)

Serving Method:-

Serve Paneer Vada with sweet yogurt or groundnut green chutney.You can serve this for breakfast also.