paneer paratha recipe
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Hello buddies. Welcome back to our kitchen. Let’s try something crispy and tempting recipe for kids. Our today’s recipe is paneer paratha recipe. Paneer is rich source of protein especially for vegetarians. Paneer also has calcium which helps in building stronger teeth and bones. It reduces risk of heart diseases and controls blood pressure. So paneer is most essential for our health.

Paneer paratha recipe is made by using paneer bhurji. In this recipe we are going to use chapatis. We can also use maida rotis. If you like paneer paratha recipe then comment us. We have shared another delicious recipes using paneer such as paneer tikka masalabutter paneer masala, paneer bhurji recipe, paneer tikka etc.

Do check our other kids special recipes like paneer tikka recipe, veg sandwich, oats idli, vermicelli upma and vegetable hot dog. Do try at home. For more such yummy recipes subscribe to our newsletter and stay connected. Following are the detailed paneer paratha recipe.

Ingredients :-

250 grams paneer.

1 inch ginger.

5-6 garlic cloves.

3-4 green chillies.

2 finely chopped onions.

2 finely chopped capsicum.

3 finely chopped tomatoes.

1/2 bowl finely chopped french beans.

1/2 bowl finely chopped carrot.

1 teaspoon cumin seeds powder.

1 teaspoon coriander powder.

2 teaspoon red chilli powder.

1 teaspoon sugar.

1 tablespoon lemon juice.



Coriander leaves.

Green chutney.

2-3 chapatis.

Procedure :-

  1. Take a mixer jar. Add garlic cloves, ginger, green chillies and coriander leaves. Blend it.
  2. Heat the oil in nonstick pan. Add chopped onion. Saute it till onions turns into brown color.
  3. Add grinded mixture and fry properly.
  4. Now add all veggies. First add green capsicum and fry it. Then add finely chopped boiled french beans and carrot. At last add finely chopped tomatoes. Saute it nicely.
  5. Here is the time to add all masalas. First add red chilli powder, turmeric powder, cumin seeds powder, coriander powder and salt as per taste. Mix it well.
  6. Add sugar and lemon juice into it. Fry well.
  7. Now add crushed paneer into pan and mix well. Cook for 2-3 minutes. Do not over cook the paneer bhurji.
  8. Switch off the flame and keep bhurji aside.
  9. Take one roasted chappati. Spread green chutney on one side of chappati. Then add 3-4 tablespoons paneer bhurji over it. Fold another side of chapati on it and close edges properly.
  10. Heat a pan. Pour some oil. Place our paneer paratha on it. Roast it from all sides. Apply oil while roasting.

Serving Method :-

Cut paneer paratha into two pieces. Serve hot with tomato ketchup.