Hey, foodies welcome back with our new curry i.e. matar paneer recipe. Matar paneer recipe is a north Indian vegetarian dish. Matar paneer is specially made from green peas and paneer cooked in a thick tomato based gravy. In addition, tomato gravy is flavored with Indian spices. So matar paneer recipe is a spicy but delicious curry recipe.

Let’s come to the point health benefits of matar paneer recipe. Green peas and paneer are the main ingredients in this recipe. Green peas are the rich source of fiber, protein and micronutrients. The consumption of green peas in your diet helps in prevention of stomach cancer, wrinkles and Alzheimer. It contains lots of vitamin k that helps to anchor calcium inside the bones. It reduces bad cholesterol also.

Another main ingredient in matar paneer recipe is paneer. Paneer is the most important milk product of the human diet. It is a great source of protein. Paneer contains the calcium that helps in building stronger teeth and bones. Apart from this, it is rich in fatty acid that helps in losing the weight. So people who really want to lose the weight should definitely include a paneer dish in their diet. With all these points you will get an idea how much matar paneer recipe is beneficial for our health.

Paneer is great food for vegetarian people. There are lots of recipes made by using paneer such as paneer bhurji, malai kofta, butter paneer masala and many more. Following are the step by step instructions of matar paneer recipe. Read them carefully and give it a try at home. Let me know how it turned out. Subscribe our newsletter for such lovely recipes.

Ingredients for matar paneer recipe :-

1 cup boiled green peas.

200 grams of paneer (cottage cheese).

4-5 roughly chopped tomatoes.

2 finely chopped onions.

2 tablespoons ginger-garlic paste.

1 teaspoon cumin seeds.

1 teaspoon mustard seeds.

2 teaspoons red chili powder.

1 teaspoon garam masala.

1/2 teaspoon sugar.



Salt to taste.

Fresh cream for serving.

Procedure :-
  1. Heat a heavy bottom pan at medium flame. Add 1 tablespoon oil into it.
  2. Once oil becomes hot add ginger-garlic paste. Saute it for few seconds. Then add chopped onion and tomatoes. Stir well. Cover pan with a lid. Allow it to cook for 5 minutes.
  3. After 5 minutes remove a lid from pan. Switch off the flame. Add all these cooked ingredients into a mixer jar. Blend it into a thick gravy. Add water if required.
  4. Now heat a sauce pan. Add 2 tablespoons oil into it. Then add cumin seeds and mustard seeds into hot oil.
  5. Once they start crackling pour blended mixture into it. After that add red chili powder, garam masala, sugar and salt to taste. Give it a nice stir with the spatula.
  6. Let the gravy boil up to 5-6 minutes. Make sure it should not so thick. Add water to get required consistency.
  7. At last add boiled green peas and paneer pieces. Mix well.
  8. Add lots of finely chopped fresh coriander leaves. Stir it nicely. Our matar paneer recipe is ready to serve.
Serving Method :-

Add 1 tablespoon fresh cream on top of matar paneer. Serve hot with any type of bread such as roti, paratha or naan.

Notes :-

  1. You can shallow fry the paneer pieces in oil before adding in matar paneer recipe.
  2. Use fresh green peas for more taste.