Hello. Do you know how to make lemon cake recipe at home? Don’t worry. Here is the simple lemon cake recipe. Lemon is the small yellow color fruit mostly used in kitchen. Usually, pulp and juice of lemon are used in cooking as well as in baking. Now here we will flavored sponge cake with lemon zest. Lemon zest means grated outer covering of lemon. Zest is commonly used in sweet dishes.

Lemon is known as citrus food. It contains 5% citric acid. Due to this property it helps in preserving the foods. Lemon is an excellent source of nutrients and vitamin C that helps in protecting the immune system deficiencies. It helps in glowing the skin. Reduces the hair loss and dandruff. By considering these benefits lemon cake recipe is very healthy to eat.

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Sponge cake flavored with lemon is more easy recipe. The taste of lemon cake recipe is delicious. Serve the lemon sponge cake slices with a hot cup of tea or coffee. It can be even serve as a dessert with cream cheese frosting. Following is the step by step procedure of lemon cake recipe. Follow them and bake at home. So let’s start making lemon cake recipe.

Ingredients :-

250 gram all purpose flour.

250 gram unsalted butter.

250 gram powdered sugar.

4 eggs.

1 teaspoon vanilla extract.

1 teaspoon baking powder.

1/2 teaspoon baking soda.

1 tablespoon grated lemon zest.

Procedure :-

  1. Add all purpose flour, baking powder and baking soda in a strainer. Sift in a large mixing bowl. So it will breaks all the lumps. Keep it aside.
  2. Take other large mixing bowl. Add unsalted butter and powdered sugar. Beat that mixture with electric blender till it becomes fluffy. It requires approximately 5-7 minutes.
  3. Now go ahead and crack 4 eggs in the same bowl. Again starts beating at medium speed. Beat till mixture becomes creamy and spongy.
  4. Add 1 teaspoon vanilla extract in it. Hence it gives the pleasant aroma to the cake batter.
  5. Here is the time to add sifted dry ingredients. Add dry ingredients gradually part by part. Gently fold it with a spoon. You can fold it with a hand whisk as well.
  6. At last add grated lemon and mix well with other cake batter.
  7. If the cake batter becomes too thick then add 3-4 tablespoons milk in it. Mix well.
  8. Grease a cake tin with 1 teaspoon butter. Sprinkle dry flour in it and cover the tin properly.
  9. Pour cake batter in greased cake tin. Spread evenly with spatula. Give a tap little bit.
  10. Bake in preheated oven at 180 degree celsius for 40 minutes. After 40 minutes insert a toothpick in lemon cake. If it comes out clean then our cake is ready. If not then place that cake tin in oven and bake for next 5-7 minutes.
  11. Transfer cake tin on wire rack. Let it cool down at room temperature. Demold it and cut into pieces.

Serving Method :-

Serve lemon sponge cake pieces with a cup of tea.