Jeera Aloo Recipe – a step by step procedure to make at home. Fast or vrat has lots of importance in Indian tradition. Fast is nothing but giving break to the regular food. Many studies has shown that fasting is essential for human health. It helps in weight loss, boost immune system and increase the hunger. Hence having a fast is good for health. But is should have certain limitations.

The jeera aloo recipe can be made during navratri or ekadashi or regular fast. It is a super simple recipe prepared with potatoes i.e. aloo. Boiled potatoes are tossed with cumin seeds, green chillies. coriander leaves and oil. It goes yummy directly as it is. You can even serve jeera aloo recipe with singhara poori. It is the healthy recipe for kids. You can give the jeera aloo with chapati to kids in their lunch box.

Potato is the main ingredient in jeera aloo recipe. Potatoes has great mineral, vitamins and starch contents. All these contents are beneficial to gain weight, easy digestion as well as good for skin. Also helps in reducing blood pressure and preventing cancer. So having potatoes in diet is necessary. Various curry recipes can be made by using potatoes like punjabi aloo matar curry, aloo gobi recipe, dum aloo, malai kofta curry and kerala style vegetable stew.

For more fast recipes check out our other fasting recipes such as sabudana vada, sabudana khichdi, fast idli, paneer vada and delicious homemade rasmalai. You may also like to have muskmelon seeds namkeen recipe for fast. The detail procedure to make jeera aloo recipe is given below. Give it a try. Let us know how it turned out. Don’t forget to subscribe our newsletter for more such divine recipe.

Preparation time :- 10 minutes.

Cooking time :- 30 minutes.

Servings :- 3.

Ingredients :-

3 large potatoes.

3-4 green chillies finely chopped.

1 teaspoon cumin seeds.

2 tablespoons groundnut powder.

 Few coriander leaves finely chopped.



Salt to taste.

Procedure :-

  1. Wash the potatoes neatly with water. Place them in a pressure cooker. Pour enough water in the same cooker. Close the lid. Simmer for 3-4 whistles. After that let it cool down completely at room temperature.
  2. Once potatoes cooled down, peel them. Now roughly chopped these peeled potatoes.
  3. Heat 3 tablespoons oil in heavy bottom pan.
  4. When oil becomes hot enough add cumin seeds, finely chopped green chillies and chopped potatoes. Give it a nice toss. Fry for 1 minute.
  5.  Then add groundnut powder, salt to taste and finely chopped coriander leaves. Again mix all these ingredients together. Taste it and adjust the level of salt. Cook for 2 minutes. Then jeera aloo is ready to serve.

Serving Method :-

Serve jeera aloo for fasting with poori or thalipeeth.