How To Make Yogurt At Home? Step by step detail instructions is given below.

Yogurt is the milk based product. It is actually fermented milk. When milk is fermented then lactose in the milk becomes lactic acid. The formation of lactic acid converts the milk into thick yogurt. That yogurt is sour in taste.

Yogurt is also named as curd or yoghurt. Today, it is eaten in all over the world. Especially during the summer season. Because it comes with lots of health benefits. Many of the people include the yogurt in their diet plan because of they aware that it is actually a healthy food product.

Now let’s understand what are the health benefits of eating yogurt?

Health Benefits Of Yogurt:-

  • Improve Digestive Health-

Yogurt is nothing but bacterial fermentation of milk. So good bacteria in the milk boost human digestive system.

  • Rich Source Of Protein-

The amount of protein is higher in yogurt. Protein increases the body energy.

  • Boost Immune System-

Consuming yogurt boost the immune system and reduce illness.

  • Prevent High Blood Pressure-

People suffer from high blood pressure recommended to take yogurt. Because yogurt flushes out sodium from the body. So this reduces high blood pressure and lowers it.

  • Reduces Body Weight-

Bacteria in the yogurt promote digestive health and improve metabolism. Hence that helps in losing the weight.

  • Important In Summer-

In the hot summer season, yogurt is the important healthy food product to reduce heat stroke.

how to make yogurt
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Now let’s learn how to make yogurt at home.

Preparation Time:- 10 minutes.

Fermentation Time:- 8-10 hours.

Servings:- 4.

Ingredients For How To Make Yogurt Recipe:-

1/2 lit. Full-fat milk.

3 tablespoons plain yogurt.

  1. Pour a milk into a large saucepan. Heat milk on medium high flame. Keep stirring frequently.
  2. When bubbles are formed on the surface of the milk, switch off the flame.
  3. Allow the milk to cool until just it is warm to the touch.
  4. Now take out a 1/2 cup of warm milk. Whisk the yogurt in it and dissolve it completely.
  5. Pour that thinned milk in the leftover milk. Whisk it gently. Cover it with a lid. Rest it aside to set.
  6. Let the yogurt to set at least 4-5 hours. You can set it for overnight as well. In the next morning, you get a creamy and thick yummy yogurt.
Serving Method:-

Serve yogurt in the meal. You can use the yogurt in making salad and koshimbir. Garnish yogurt with fruits and serve.


  1. Once yogurt is set, transfer to an air tight container and store in a fridge. It will remain for 1 week.
  2. Whisk the yogurt slowly with an electric hand blender for few seconds. It gives you smooth creamy yogurt. Chilled out and mix the sugar. Serve it.
  3. You can use the same yogurt for making next batch of yogurt.