Easy banana smoothie recipe. The detailed procedure is given here.

The smoothie is the chilled smooth drink flavored with different fruits or vegetables. Some other ingredients are added to the smoothie such as yogurt, ice cream, honey, milk or soya milk. These food ingredients bind the smoothie well and make a thick and creamy smoothie.

Smoothie is the most healthier option for those people who skip the morning breakfast. Having one glass of smoothie in the morning is a good habit. It nourishes your body with essential nutrients.

Why consume healthy smoothies?

  • Smoothie helps in reducing weight.
  • Good for digestion.
  • Build strong muscles.
  • Supply energy to the body.
  • Easy and quickly made.

Different fruits or veggies can be used for making smoothies. Here in an easy banana smoothie recipe, we have used banana. Banana is super delicious in taste. Along with its taste, banana is good for binding. The banana gives a thickness to the smoothie as well as makes it more creamy.

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In banana smoothie recipe, banana, yogurt and milk are blended together. The banana provides you wide range of health benefits. Few are mentioned in below infographic.

easy banana smoothie recipe
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From all these points, a smoothie is the healthy and yummy drink can be served for breakfast. Kids always love smoothie. Consuming fruits or vegetables can be a challenge. So smoothie is the best option to fulfill kid’s daily nutrient needs.

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Let’s move to the detail procedure of easy banana smoothie recipe.

Preparation Time:- 2 minutes.

Blending Time:- 3 minutes.

Servings: 2.

Ingredients For Easy Banana Smoothie Recipe:-

2 ripe bananas.

1 cup chilled plain yogurt.

1 cup full-fat chilled milk.

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon powder.

2 tablespoons honey.

Few walnuts.

4-5 ice cubes.

  1. Peel the bananas and roughly chopped.
  2. Add these pieces to a blender jar. Add yogurt, milk, honey, cinnamon powder, walnuts and ice cubes in the same jar. Close the jar with a lid.
  3. Blend at medium-high speed for 3 minutes till you get a smooth creamy smoothie. Then ready to serve.
Serving Method:-

Pour banana smoothie into a tall glass. Sprinkle cinnamon powder on top. Also, add few walnut pieces and garnish with banana slices. Serve chilled delicious homemade banana smoothie.


  • We have used here full-fat milk and full-fat yogurt. But if you are a diet conscious then go with low-fat milk and low-fat cow yogurt.
  • To make a smoothie more healthy, use soya milk instead of regular milk.
  • Honey is used for sweetness. You can use white sugar or brown sugar as well while blending.

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