Chocolate milkshake recipe with step by step procedure.

Chocolate milkshake is the milk with chocolate and cocoa flavor. Milk is sweetened with sugar or any other sugar substitute.

Do you know what is milkshake mean? Milkshake is the sweet and cold beverage. Milk and ice cream are the main ingredients in making milkshake. For the flavoring, different types of essence, fruit pieces, chocolate sauce or caramel sauce are used. To add sweetness in the milkshake, you can use white sugar, brown sugar or condensed milk. Instead of sugar, you can use honey for a diabetic patient.

As in the name, shaking is the main procedure to make a smooth milkshake. Generally, all ingredients are blended in a mixer jar for few minutes. So that all ingredients are shaken together and then you get a creamy milkshake.

chocolate milkshake ice cream
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The topping is one more important part in presenting desserts. We can use various topping whipped cream topping, fruit slices, grated chocolate, flavored ice cream or cookies for the nice presentation. Your milkshake looks fantastic by drizzling some chocolate or caramel sauce on top with whipped cream.

So we are going to learn how to make chocolate milkshake recipe at home with easy steps and few ingredients.

Serve this delicious recipe after the meal as a dessert. You can even serve as a beverage in your party and celebrations.

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Also, try homemade frothy coffee and Indian masala tea as a hot beverage.

Let’s start making chocolate milkshake recipe.

Preparation Time:- 2 minutes.

Servings:- 2.

Ingredients For Chocolate Milkshake Recipe:-

2 cups full fat milk.

4 scoops of chocolate ice cream.

2-3 tablespoons of brown sugar.

2 tablespoons cocoa powder.

Whipped cream for topping.

Chocolate sauce.

Procedure :-
  1. In a blender jar, add 2 cups of milk, chocolate ice cream, sugar and cocoa powder. Cover the jar with a lid. Blend it for few minutes till all ingredients combined together nicely.
  2. Once milkshake becomes creamy and thick then stop blending. Now chocolate milkshake is ready to serve.
Serving Method:-

Pour milkshake in a tall glass. Top it with a whipped cream. Drizzle some chocolate sauce on whipped cream. Add few chocolate shaves on top and serve chilled chocolate milkshake.

You can top milkshake with ice cream as well instead of whipped cream. It goes nice directly as it is without the topping.

Notes :-

  1. You are free to use white sugar or any other sugar substitute for sweetness. If you don’t want then avoid sugar.
  2. Use any flavored ice cream as you wish. We used here chocolate ice cream to make the milkshake more chocolaty.
  3. Make sour your chocolate milkshake chilled enough before serving.