For Diwali festival I shared the chakli recipe using chakli bhajani. But most of people don’t know how to make chakli bhajani at home. The procedure of making chakli bhajani recipe is very easy. We are using various types of grains to making bhajani. So it has a great taste.  Hence chakli made by using chakli bhajani is very crispy and yummy. Following are the step by step instructions of chakli bhajani recipe.  Try out at home. Make your chakli very delicious.

Ingredients :-

500 grams rice.

300 grams bengal gram split.

200 grams green gram split.

100 grams black gram split.

100 grams sago seeds.

100 grams puffed rice.

2 tablespoons coriander seeds.

2 tablespoons cumin seeds.

Procedure :-

  1. First of all wash all the grains with water separately. Strain all the water. Then dry all these grains properly.
  2. Now heat a heavy pan at medium flame. We have to roast all grains in it. Firstly, add rice into a pan. Roast until it slightly changes the color. Remove the roasted rice into large bowl.
  3. Next add bengal gram. Roast it. Remove in the same bowl.
  4. Next add green gram. Roast it little bit. Remove in same bowl.
  5. Now add black gram. Roast it. Add in a bowl.
  6. Roast the sago seeds in pan also. Remove them in bowl.
  7. Add coriander seeds and cumin seeds. Roast them properly. Place them in same bowl.
  8.  Add puffed rice into that bowl without roasting. Mix all these roasted grains with a spoon.
  9. Let it cool down for few minutes.
  10. When mixture is cooled down then grind that mixture into a mixer. With this procedure our chakli bhajani is ready to make delicious chakli.

With this chakli bhajani recipe make yummy chakli with our chakli recipe. Try and let me know how it turned out. Enjoy the diwali festival with our diwali recipes.